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JANICE POMER has been teaching and performing dance, music and theatre since 1976. She has taught modern dance, creative music and movement, and theatre at Pavlychenko Studio 1976 - 1983, and was performance coach, modern dance and theatre/voice instructor for the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre 1983 -1995. Janice has been awarded numerous grants from the Ontario Arts Council for her work as an independent arts educator and with partner Barry Prophet for touring, show creation and artist residencies. She has led choreography, modern dance and professional development workshops for the National Ballet of Canada's Education Department 1990 - 1997, and was the resident dance artist/educator at the Toronto Urban Studies Centre's 'Through the Arts' studio from 1996 - 2001 where she created programs integrating urban studies with dance for students from grades 5 to 12. Janice now teaches modern dance and creative movement at Pegasus Studios and the Pia Bouman School for Ballet & Creative Movement in Toronto and leads a series of workshops for teachers, daycare, and youth workers entitled 'Yoga and Creative Movement for Children' with yoga instructor Sherry LeBlanc, B.Sc. Hon., IKYTA.

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In the fall of 2001 Janice's book 'Perpetual Motion, Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts' was published by Human Kinetics USA.

"Perpetual Motion, Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts, is a double-barreled book. If you are teaching dance and/or drama, and especially if you are teaching in the school system, you need this. Author Janice Pomer gives invaluable ideas for the integrated uses of arts in education... over 100 exercises, tidily organized around six themes, to help teachers - whether trained in dance and movement or not - to get students learning, motivated, and moving." Dancer Magazine USA

"Need creative ideas to support your movement lessons? Ms. Pomer has the dance experience and expertise to provide ideas in a way that will help physical educators with limited experiences in choreography and dance. " KAHPERD USA


"...offers development strategies for creative tasks, with learning outcomes and a clear pedagogical rationale. The focus of each chapter is on stimuli from wide ranging sources, presented within structured frameworks, as a guide for teaching imaginative movement. The book is a good source of ideas...useful for anyone uncertain about how to run creative sessions which stimulate an imaginative response in the pupil." Royal Academy of Dance magazine UK

"It's a comprehensive, user-friendly, information, and idea packed publication. The book is organized to make it viable for the time-challenged reader who needs a quick resource...the most effective, current, and relevant book of its kind." M(a)GIzone CAN

"Janice Pomer's Perpetual Motion, Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts fuses modern dance movement with the sensibility of theatrical improvisation games." Dance Spirit USA

"Perpetual Motion, Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts is a handy reference tool for K -12 teachers looking to incorporate movement into their curriculum." Dance Teacher magazine USA

Photo by: B. Prophet
Photo by: B. Prophet

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