Janice and Barry have performed their original touring shows featuring microtonal music, world percussion, sound sculptures and dance since 1983 to audiences of all ages at festival, theatre, educational, and art gallery venues. For fifteen years they performed under the name Basic Elements. In 1997, as their careers as artists and educators began to grow independently, they disbanded Basic Elements and started working under their own names in exciting new directions. Barry and Janice still perform together creating new works for audiences of all ages.

Their current educational show 'Tales of Sonic Wonder' has both educational and aesthetic power. The show encourages the audience to explore connections; musical, cultural, historical, and scientific. Traditional and experimental instruments weave together a rich sonic tapestry that delights children's ears, eyes and minds. Created in 1997 this popular touring show is appropriate for audiences of grade 3 and up.

“Super people who displayed their talent and passed their enthusiasm for music onto the students.” - Teacher, Toronto District School Board

“The music was astounding. It was unique, eye pleasing and very cool.” - Grade 8 Student, Northumberland - Clarington Board

“Inspiring, instructive, innovative...Scores a direct hit at the heart of arts education.” London Free Press

Photo's by: Stefan Rose

Photo's by: Stefan Rose

Janice and Barry offer adult music programming for large venues featuring Barry's sound sculptures or for smaller venues using traditional and experimental percussion and wind instruments (including Barry's microtonally tuned glass lithophones) and computer-assisted music.

"Gently blows the doors off our settled notions of timbre and tonality." Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

"A journey through new and interesting sound worlds."
David Olds, The Wholenote Magazine

"A wide range of timbral colour and visually exciting dynamics." NOW Magazine

"Provocative, challenging and ultimately riveting."
Canadian Statesman

"Barry Prophet's sound sculptures are fascinating to look at and a real pleasure to listen to."
Andy Barrie CBC Radio One


They also create sight specific performance work for outdoor and indoor locations using found sounds, traditional and experimental percussion and winds, computer - assisted music, dramatic movement and sonic body wear.

"...the sculptural musical artistry of Prophet and Pomer whose exploratory work is a synergistic collaboration and intuitive investigation into the natural and material worlds to seek out musical plausibility in otherwise implausible 'instruments'."
Betty Yee-Wan Cheung, The Tree Musem Catalogue

"The program you put together was one of the highlights of the festival...people were completely captivated by your music, your instruments, both of you." Ruth Weider, Special Events and Studio Programs Coordinator, McMichael Canadian Art Collection

The two create music and movement programming for elementary, secondary and university level students and also mentor and collaborate with urban and rural community music, theatre and dance companies.


Photo's by: Stefan Rose
Photo by: J. Pomer

"As a presenter in a community I truly love, I was immensely proud of the collaboration of a professional troupe and a 'home town troupe'. The choreography and music [you] designed for Jen's girls [Children's Dance Project] was superb."
Pat Finch, Director London International Children's Festival

"We had students who said 'this was better than recess', and these were boys." Teacher Laura Scheffee quoted in Martha Perkin's article in The Echo, Haliburton

"By every standard you are two of the most talented artists with whom I have ever been associated. "
Sara Williams, Coordinator, York Arts Centre


"[You] provided a unique musical, theatrical, visual art (with musical annotations created on mural paper) and even scientific experience all in one! These days when excursions are at a premium, this show is indeed a multi-experiential treat for students and teachers alike...The impression left on the students and educators was positively indelible." JoAnne Silverman, Education Coordinator, Thunder Bay Art Gallery

"Your presentation style allows even inexperienced audiences access to the beauty of contemporary music and dance, much to the delight and surprise of even some of our most skeptical students."
Dan Kapp, Fine Arts Dept Head, Clarke High School, Newcastle ON

Photo by: Ben Grossman
Photo by: Pomer & Prophet
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